Neurogenetics in Armenia

University College London Queen Square Neurology University representatives together with Somnus Neurology Clinic neurologists launch a project of rare neurological genetic disorders in Armenia. In the frames of this project, a group of neurogenetics specialists will provide a research study among people with hereditary neurological conditions. All the genetic analyses will be performed in England. The scientific program is approved by Yerevan State Medical University Ethics Committee.

The project is led by prof. Henry Holden. The group of visiting neurogenetics specialists consists also from Viorica Chelban and Rauan Kajirzhanov.

The main associate in Armenia is the head of Somnus Neurology Clinic – neurologist Samson Khachatryan MD PhD. Neurologist Zaruhi Tavadyan is the coordinator of the project.



The first meeting among visiting neurogenetics specialists from England and Armenian patients presented by clinicians was within May 30th and June 1st.

The patients were informed by their physicians and presented to visit with family members. After signing consent forms the patients and their family members gave blood and/or other biomaterials for examination.

In the future, it is assumed patients will give their blood samples and then they will be sent straight to England – UCL for genetic testing.