About us

Neurological clinic for sleep and movement disorders “Somnus” was founded in 2011.

The purpose of the clinic is to introduce and develop modern approaches for sleep and movement disorders diagnosis and treatment of in Armenia.
In our clinic “Somnus” is carrying out the specialized evaluation of sleep and movement disorders, the use of special questionnaires, in-depth study, clarification of diagnosis and planning treatment. Clinic strives to provide its services in according to international standards.
Sleep medicine is a large and rapidly growing branch of modern medicine, which includes clinical work, technical elements and a wide range of non-medical and psychiatric practices.
Our clinic is the only one in Armenia, which used all the major established approaches and diagnostic methods. The range of movement and extrapyramidal disorders is one of the most important and widespread directions in neurology. Parkinson’s disease, familial tremor, and many other diseases of this group are widespread and they are important for patients and their families. Clinic “Somnus” gives specialized evaluation also to the patients of this group, fulfilling chronic control and treatment in accordance with international standards.
The clinic “Somnus” also held general neurological outpatient care of patients with various neurological problems: headaches, dizziness, mood and anxiety disorders, memory disorders (dementia).